TPHS Continues to Help People in Need

Although the TPHS program announced a temporary closure in September due to lack of funds, we were able to continue to provide some limited assistance during September and October.

Due to the generosity of three donors, TPHS is now able to fully resume helping people in need. We are very grateful to these businesses and the anonymous person for their confidence in and support of TPHS. Thank you!

El Dorado Savings Bank Grant

In late September, El Dorado Savings Bank made a grant donation of $3,500. In the accompanying letter, John A. Cook, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “We appreciate the important work of Transition to Permanent Housing Solutions program and we are proud to support your cause.”

Beneto Foundation

The Beneto Foundation is located in Folsom and its website states, “We consider all requests from organizations that operate primarily in California. Special consideration is given to organizations that serve children and adults with disabilities and/or very low or no income families with children.” The Beneto foundation made a grant donation to TPHS in the amount of $10,000. In her transmittal letter, board member Amy Monroe said, “The board appreciates the hard work being done at Holy Spirit Saint Vincent de Paul (TPHS) to improve the lives of the homeless and we hope that our support will help enable you to continue this effort.”

Anonymous Private Donation

A person who requested anonymity made a donation to TPHS of $28,000.