Transition to Permanent Housing Solutions Benefits From Generous Grants and Private Donations During First Half of 2022

TPHS continues to be blessed by many private donations and grants given during the first half of 2022.

Private donations were made by the following people:

Lon and Mary Ann Burford–$5,000

Mercedes Slakey–$1,000

Burgard Family Trust–$1,000

William R. Motmans and Terrie Barron–$500

Frank and Fran Vitulli–$500

Hue Nguyen and Dat Hoang–$300

Rita Spillane–$200

Grants were made by the following businesses and foundations:

Thomas P. Raley Foundation–$10,000

Sacramento Association of Realtors Charitable Foundation–$5,000. This foundation has supported TPHS with a grant every year since TPHS was founded.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul Sacramento Diocesan Council–$5,000. The Diocesan Council has also been a financial supporter of TPHS since it was founded.

Safeway Foundation–$2,500

Consolidated Communications–$500

Trust Funds Incorporated–$15,000

TPHS also wishes to thank Acquiesce Winery of Lodi for its donation of the wine, Fr. Paul McNamee for his able and enthusiastic work as the sommelier, and Sr. Katherine Doyle for selling raffle tickets all of which efforts made the April 30 Elegant Wine Tasting Event such a success. $2,418 was raised from this event for TPHS. Theresa and Bill White and Theresa’s “crew” also deserve thanks for their hard work setting up McHugh Hall and the garden and preparing the food to pair with the wines.

These private donations, grants and fundraising have come at a critical time in the work done by TPHS. Just since January 1, 2022, TPHS has helped 107 people in 34 households with expenditures of $52,634 to help them stay in their homes or get into homes. Sadly, the crisis of people being homeless and unsheltered is increasing in Sacramento. Since April TPHS has received more than 100 phone calls from people seeking assistance. (During its first year in 2019, TPHS received two to four phone calls a month.) Not all who called could be helped, but many were as a result of the kind and generous donations of individuals and grants given by businesses and foundations. Thanks to each and every one of you.