Our TPHS program has been very blessed to receive donations from Holy Spirit parishioners and many other donors this year and we wish to thank them all.

The Friends of the Poor Walk on September 25 raised $5,357 for TPHS. It was a great event and a beautiful Saturday morning walk in Land Park. The Walk leaders were Dot O’Connor, Theresa White, Brian Powers, Ann Van de Mark, and Elena McFadden all of whom also gave donations. Donations were also given by Robert Janzen, Dwight Everest, Jim Brown, Richard Koppes, Magda Garteiz, Marty Haley, Fred and Patricia Nichols, Jim Sobolewski, Kevin and Cindy Powers, Michael and Nicole Powers, Greg Hood, Melissa Kimball, Greg and Susan Banks, Morratto Accountancy Corporation, Karen Thomas, John and Jennifer Benton, Simon and Reagan White, Erin Arieas, Sue Olson, Donald and Corinne Fugina, and Mark and Michele Limeberger of Remarkable Finishing.

Other donations to TPHS in 2021 were made by Richard Koppes of St. Anthony Parish, Rita Spillane of Sacred Heart Parish, Fr. Dan Madigan, Mark and Kathleen Heinzinger of Modesto, and our own former pastor, Fr. Dan Looney, in honor of the 50th anniversary of his ordination.

TPHS also received a very generous donation of $5,000 from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Since October, TPHS has helped eleven of our neighbors in need in 5 households, expending $9,879 to help them stay in their homes or get into homes. For example, we helped a woman who lost her job four years ago due to the development of heart trouble and she had been homeless all that time, sometimes living along the river. She found an apartment at a Mercy Housing facility, but needed the first month’s rent of $572, which TPHS paid. Another woman, a victim of domestic abuse who had sole custody of her three children, could not pay all of her November and December rent because she was involved in a domestic lawsuit with her ex-boyfriend and she had to pay her attorney’s fees. We helped by paying part of her rent for both months.

With great humility and gratitude, we thank all who contributed to our TPHS program this year and made it possible for us to help these neighbors in need and all the others we helped this year and will help in the future.